Who am I?

I realized I had a website which I never used. Thought I’d change that by penning down a few thoughts…about me (Who else better to give you an opinion)


We have a habit of typecasting people based on the places they came from (Oh! C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t). The Spanish are considered to be dancing flamencos. The Irish are beer drinking guzzlers. The Italians are well considered as Godfathers & Goodfellas (blame it on Copolla & Scorcese). The French are considered people with impeccable taste in wine and fashion, Which is why even the ones who come from past french colonies consider themselves French – which I find very weird considering the fact that I come from a country which was ruled by the British for over 200 years – Yet Me nor any of my countrymen consider ourselves English.

Coming back to the point, so the Americans are considered brash, the Japanese are considered industrious; We Indians are considered bobble heads who’d do your taxes. Each one of us are typecast to a certain role. It makes it easier for people to relate to certain traits depending on where you came from.

Don’t get me wrong! We all make our judgements based on this assumption. Its rampant even amongst us Indians. A big example is the divide between the North and South of India. Its all the same.

The only thing that I truly wanted to do, when I got onto this bug of social media was to break that typecast.

As a South Indian, Indian, Asian (In that particular order), I did not want people to typecast me as a human who had limited level of exposure (exposure doesn’t mean success my friend, It means aware of different cultures, ways, beliefs..)

So I thought why not give myself a name which would at an initial glance, typecast me as a typical spice-eating Indian from the South. But in reality, will give any pseudo intellectual, a run for their money. Challenge me, I dare you 🙂

What do I do?

Well, for starters. I love to communicate. Either visually through images or film, either through music or power of the spoken word. Maybe, all this stems from a deep longing need to let the world know what I think & feel, and why I think & feel that way.

Ever heard of the quote ‘We are what we think’?

I love to question; often question myself on many of the things I have done, others have done.  A lot of people might tell you; ‘Your past should not define you’ – Well, I beg to disagree, my past has played a huge role in defining who I am.

I’m proud of the fact that I have made mistakes. (Oh boy! a lot of them) But with each mistake, came a realization, a multitude of emotions; which I choose to let out in the form of my art.

In no way, am I saying that I’m the best in everything; I’m just more aware.

Disclaimer: Whatever I write is based on my personal observation, an outlook, an idea, a thought, maybe even a feeling. For those of you reading, please don’t take anything to heart.

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